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These testimonials are of real users and customers. Some users choose to use the Manual Fixing method to receive ABSOLUTELY FREE fixes to their PC and others choose to upgrade to our FULL Version which comes with INSTANT remote Support for one single session of up to one hour by a Microsoft Certified Engineer to help you fix any PC Problem and for our technicians to Tune Up your PC.

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"I am very satisfied with the outcome of the chat and work done by Michele who was very patient with me as I am a bit slow with computer workings but she was brilliant. Nothing seem to fluster her. All in all very satisfied."

Many thanks to a fine Technician.
Geoffrey Barry Fardoe - 12/05/2012

"Thank for your help. Sorry for some miss under standing we had on my part. I didn,t catch on what you was trying to get me to do. I am 72 ,but you finally got thru."

Thank You Much.
George Goss - 12/05/2012

"Michelle was very helpful and helped me fix my problem. Thank you!"

Keep up the excellent work.
Jeff Procaccini - 12/22/2012

"I contacted Technical Support with a problem with recently purchased registry fixer. I spoke with Michelle and she was able to solve my problem while on-line with her. She was very helpful and patient with me. Thank you so much."

Thankful for his assistance!
Ellen Morrissy - 12/13/2012

"Very helpful service, quick and responsive to questions. Polite and fixed the issue abruptly."

Olivia Weidmaier - 11/29/2012

"I have used Free Registry Fix to clean my registry after several installations/uninstalls of many programs. It has eliminated many problems with my computer."

Thanks very much!
Don Speck - 12/16/2012

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