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Fast Registry Scan

The Free Registry Fix registry scan is FAST. Want to check your computer for errors but are short on time? Free Registry Fix was designed for you.

Advanced Registry Repair Technology

Free Registry Fix includes a state of the art registry scanning engine built for reliability and performance. With Free Registry Fix, you can be sure that all of your registry errors will be safely diagnosed and repaired with ease.

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Speed Up Your Computer

With the included Startup Manager, you can see which startup programs are eating up your resources, and turn them off with a single click. This safely puts you in complete control of what launches automatically when you start your computer.

No Adware / Spyware

Some of our competitors bundle Adware and Spyware with their products. We have a zero tolerance policy for Adware and Spyware, and take pride in this fact. You can feel safe knowing that when you install Free Registry Fix, that you are installing only Free Registry Fix.

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Fail Safe Backup

When you repair the problems found by Free Registry Fix, we take two steps to backup your existing registry data. We first create a system restore point if you have System Restore turned on. We then create a proprietary backup file that can be later reversed if desired.

Easy One-Click Repair

You don't need to be a computer genius to use Free Registry Fix. We have a simple One-Click Repair that anybody can use. If you are a power user, however, we provide details on all the problems found so you can opt to not repair specific items on a problem by problem basis.

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Easy Access to System Tools

Want to use System Restore but don't know where it is? How about the System Information tool? Free Registry Fix provides easy one click access to many different system tools that are normally obscured and hard to find.

Custom Scan Profiles

Want to scan your computer in 30 seconds? Want to run a complete scan? Free Registry Fix provides three built in scan profiles: Quick, Balanced and Complete. Each of these provides a different level of coverage depending on your needs. You can also use Custom scan profiles to scan just the areas you need.

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Privacy Scan

Free Registry Fix includes a privacy scan which will help in erasing your tracks with recent files, internet history and more. We're ever expanding the reach of the privacy scan to best protect your security.

Free up Disk Space

Free Registry Fix includes a disk space scan which can automatically delete old Windows temp files, temporary internet files and more. It is common for Free Registry Fix to free up 500mb or more!

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Most Computers have Problems

Almost every computer we've run Free Registry Fix on has problems that it can easily repair. Think your computer is free of problems? Run a quick scan and see!