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Free Registry Fix: Version 5.6
Released: 12th July, 2012.
Size: 3,100 KB
Platform: Windows XP,Me, 98, 95,NT, 2000 and now Windows VISTA and Windows 7 (32 Bit and 64 Bit) Compatible
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User Feedback
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"Richard and I have worked on my computer for more than an hour to solve the 404 problems the scan came up with. Richard, took control of my cp and had performed some things I, would not have thought of doing. He uninstalled the program and re installed your software, did another scan on the computer, and I had seen your product remove the problems. Thank You! Richard, you did a very nice job on my pc."

Haroldwasserman - 08/12/2011
"To whom it may concern I would like to inform, to whom ever will be reading this, I was very happy with the tech support I received from Sophia and the work that she put in last night and again today. There was a problem trying to get registry fix full to download to my computer, between that and the fact that the purchase order was not going through. I appreciate what she did to get the system working in a Boss should know, that I think she is a diligent worker." A Happy Customer
Gary Gravelle - 08/25/2011
"Hi to everyone at Free Registry Fix once again, I have had the chance to work with live support and once again had a great experience with you this is a great product with great support it has kept my computer going even though I have a virus which will be removed soon so thanks again to all Pamela was great sincerly Dean Murray" Thanks for all your help!
Dean Murray - 08/25/2011
"I contacted support because my software upgrade had not gone through properly on my computer and spoke to Brian who logged onto my computer. He was very prompt, helpful and efficient, and solved the problem very quickly. He also asked extra questions and did his best to boost my computer. All in all, I was very pleased with the level of service." Regards
Jenny Nolan - 08/25/2011
"Hello, I had purchased a full version of Free Registry Fix for my other gateway one computer, I just purchased another gateway one all in one desktop and hadn't transferred any of my files yet So... I had lost my Free Registry fix, So I click on the link to start a live chat session w/a cust. Service rep. Spoke with morgan and,,, morgan supplied me w/a Free version of registry fix, which was so wonderful!! :=) Now I am protectected once again, Thanks Morgan It was a pleasure chatting with you this evening, Thanks for Helping me with my download for registry fix" :-)
Best regards, Marcelle Redding
Marcelle Redding - 08/17/2011
"I would just like to say how helpful the young man Brian was to me today, he fixed my problem without any problem, he was polite and courtious and i found him to be most helpful Thank you"
Annie Cairns - 08/29/2011
"I contacted Free Registery Fix and spoke to Brian. I had scanned my 'puter and it found 1175 boo-boos on it. I bought the full version at $29.95 and Brian even installed it . He had control of my cursor and did a really nice job. I'm really inpressed with the care I got. If you need help just ask for Brian."
Eileene Gaiches - 08/31/2011